Major US Satellite Internet Providers

HughesNet Satellite Internet

HughesNet will install satellite modem at your home and link to your antenna / satellite dish. The dish and the modem are provided by Hughesnet, and can be leased or purchased as part of your package. Your dish then communicates over the internet provide you high speed internet without the wires.

How much is Hughesnet Satellite?

Service PlanMonthly CostDownload / Upload Speed
Home$59.991.0 Mbps/128 Kbps
Pro$69.991.2 Mbps/200 Kbps
ProPlus$79.991.6 Mbps/250 Kbps
Elite$119.992.0 Mbps/300 Kbps
ElitePlus$189.993.0 Mbps/300 Kbps
ElitePremium$349.995.0 Mbps/300 Kbps

Hughesnet allows leasing or purchasing the satellite hardware:

Skyway USA Satellite Internet

Skyway USA specializes in rural high speed internet service using satellite internet technology.

How much is Skyway USA Satellite?

Service PlanMonthly CostDownload Speed

Skyway requires purchasing the satellite equipment:

Starband Satellite Internet

Starband by Spacenet offers high speed satellite internet service to home office, small office and small business customers.

How much does Starband Satellite Cost?

Service PlanMonthly CostDownload / Upload Speed
Nova 1000$69.99 with 24 month term1Mbps / 128Kbps
Nova 1000$79.99 with 12 month term1Mbps / 128Kbps
Nova 1500$99.99 with 24 month term1.5Mbps / 256Kbps
Nova 1500$109.99 with 12 month term1.5Mbps / 256Kbps

Satellite hardware is $299.99 with 12 month contract, a $200 discount is offered with a 24 month contract.

Wildblue Satellite Internet

Wildblue boasts offering high speed internet to virually anyhome in 48 contiguous States in the USA. Download limits range from 7.5GB - 17GB depending on the service selected.

How much does Wildblue Cost per month?

Service PlanMonthly CostDownload / Upload Speed
Value$49.95 ($39.95 for first 12 months)512Kbps / 128Kbps
Select$69.951Mbps / 200Kbps
Pro$79.95 with 24 month term1.5Mbps / 256Kbps

Above prices are all based on a 24 month term.

Additional Costs:

Prices may vary depending on your region.